There was no better way to celebrate my 19th birthday than with all my close friends in one room on Friday night!!! We had dinner at Joey and went to karaoke for the after party. It was actually the first time where I introduced my childhood, high school and Uni friends to each other!

All my friends agreed that I was not allowed to be behind the camera for the night since I was the birthday girl. Since I'm so used to taking photos, the idea sounded weird at first ...but nonetheless,  they had a good point! For the night, my camera was being passed around to different people, so I want to take the time right now to thank all those who took photos for me!!!

I think it's a little cheesy to use this line but it was honestly a night filled with great food and great company! Oh, I can't forget - great hugs too! While we hugged, they would whisper in my ears to wish me a happy birthday or tell me how much they appreciate our friendship or tell me how much I deserve to be happy. 

Ugh, I love my friends so much!

One of the things I did not expect was the amount of gifts that I had received! Thank you guys!!! Thank you for chipping in to get me something on my wish list and remembering the little things I say! More importantly, thank you for coming out to celebrate my special day and making it so memorable!!! 

To end the night, I had to take my annual birthday selfie on my Polaroid to continue my tradition!