To end off this birthday weekend for my sister and I, my family went out for steak at the Keg Steakhouse! Susie's birthday is actually on February 8th. A day right after mine. I'm not kidding!!! I always joke with her that I must have been the best birthday present she ever received! Hehe

Since my parents and I haven't ate here before, my sister pretty much showed us all the protocols! She told my dad once he tried their renowned steaks, he would not be able to settle on eating my mom's steaks for dinner anymore! By the end of the night, I'm not sure if it lived up to my dad's expectations but I do know that it definitely lived up to mine! Once I took a bite, I remember saying, "Wow, you're right! This is better than mom's!!!" My mom quickly chimed in, "Cindy, say that when I'm not sitting here!!!!" (Oopsies!!)

Before we paid the bill, our waiter was so kind and treated each of us to our own slice of their popular Billy Miner Pie! 'Twas a good night fa real!!!
Rachel Y. said...

I'm sitting here just feeling incredibly hungry ahhhh! Wish I had a nice steakhouse near my place. :(