Our family has this routine where we go grocery shopping and Costco every Sunday! We switched it up last week by making a stop at the Upper Canada Mall and that's where I found a new black bag and wallet! I love how this bag isn't too big but still big enough to hold my chunky camera! 

For this week's errands, we switched up our usual routine again and made a stop at Yorkdale to try to find my grandma a new winter jacket. We ended up leaving the place with a brand new jacket for her and half a dozen of macarons, which definitely made it an enjoyable car ride to Costco! I actually think the only reason I tag a long on these weekly errands is for the free food samples they give away at Costco! Who doesn't like free! Who doesn't like FOOD!!!

While my sister and mom shopped in there, Ryan and I were busy scoping out the entire warehouse for free samples! You can say we are taste buds!!! (HA HA HA.) Afterwards, we went to the asian supermarket so my mom could stock up on my fruit supply and the only part I look forward to was returning the cart to get back (and keep) that $1 my mom put in the cart slot!

I just realized how sad my life is.
Rachel Y. said...

Such frequent family trips are great for the soul! (Especially in reference to the free samples, heh.) I wish mine were as enjoyable as yours!

Cindy Adores said...

Rachel - Thank you for following along on my adventures!! xx