I had my education meeting last night, which meant I had six hours to kill with my friend Claudia!!! Our plan was to go for afternoon tea at Reulo's but once we arrived there, we found out that they were still in the middle of renovating!

We were really looking forward to it so we decided to go for macarons at Nadege on Queen Street West. We had lunch at Aji Sai and that's where I finally popped my udon cherry! (It was tasty and filling but I still prefer my bowl of pho!) Afterwards, we made our way to get macarons and as soon as we walked by Cafe Crepe... Claudia was immediately intrigued when she saw the chef preparing crepes through the glass window. In short, the best memories seem to usually come out of the unexpected and spontaneous plans!! 
Unknown said...

this food looks so delious!!! i would like to eat the nutella crepe. xx