I haven't had time to blog last week because I was devoting most of my time to power yoga, editing my resume and catching up on my shows. In other words, I didn't really have a social life last week!!! At one point, I was contemplating on going on a hiatus. I knew that I couldn't lose this little diary of mine and most importantly, my only creative outlet!!! With that being said, I will not be going on a hiatus (or anytime soon) because there are so many exciting things/opportunities that are coming up that I know I would want to remember and capture - like TODAY!!

When I first heard that Pharrell was curating the exhibition, This Is Not A Toy, at Design Exchange, I immediately called my best friend Thiya!!! We've visited numerous art galleries together and I don't know anyone else who appreciates art as much as her! Here are my favourite photos from today!!

We laughed so hard when we found her signature pose!! ^^^

You could see what Thiya captured here!

This is actually my favourite piece from the show!!! ^^^

After having sushi at Bikkuri, we checked out Jelly Modern Doughnuts! My friend Kim raved about it in her recent blog post so I was excited to see what the hype was all about! I tried their classic maple bacon while Thiya tried their Skor bar. (I also bought an extra three for my brother to thank him for all those times he picked me up after work!)

These were good but Ryan and I both agreed that Krispy Kreme still tops our list of being one of the best doughnuts ever!!!

On our bus ride home, Thiya smiled at me and said,
"You make my life so much more exciting Cindy."
... :')