My cousin Linda called me yesterday morning and told me that she was planning a last minute surprise birthday party for her hubby, Charlie in the evening! Initially, I was planning to catch up on some school work (because this week is a bit hectic as the semester is coming to an end in three weeks - finally!!!) but let's be real, was I really in the mood to do school work last night!?? It's Charlie's birthday and yeah, studying can wait!!!!

She texted me the details of the French restaurant and I googled it and discovered that Charlie's mom actually owns the restaurant! With that said, our family was treated to a free three course meal! Since Jasmine owns the restaurant, I didn't expect anything less from her and she didn't disappoint. Our server was amazing and the food was delicious. It was my first time trying beets and by the end of the night, the distinctive taste actually grew on me since it was included in many of the dishes served!

I hope you had a wonderful time Charlie because you deserve it! You're one of the most genuine people I know. No one can deny that you're a great listener, a hard worker and the best father. Happy birthday!!! We love you!