Since I'm going to be done school in the second week of April, I have been emailing out my resumes in hopes of finding a part-time job for the summer. I'm going to continue working as a part-time receptionist in the summer (I have been working here for almost 4 years! Love my co-workers and boss - can't leave them yet!) but I'm still going to have a lot of free time on my hands until September!

I was so ecstatic when Aritzia responded to me first and I had my eyes set on getting a job there. I was preparing myself for the interview this Wednesday... until the CN Tower called me yesterday afternoon regarding my application for the photographer position. We scheduled an interview for today and I realized that I had no portfolio to show them in case they asked. I spent all night looking through all the photos I took last year and managed to put something together that showcased my amateur photography skills. I just wanted to send out a quick thanks to all those helped me make my portfolio. (You can check it out here.)

I had my interview with them today and I was so surprised that they hired me on the spot!! So if you have nothing to do this summer, come visit me! To be honest, I have never (or I really don't recall) visited this iconic tourist site before, even though I live in Toronto all my life! Now I'm going to get free admissions all summer!!!

I bought 30 donuts for my whole class afterwards and they thought I did it because it was the last education meeting of the year... but really... I was just in a great mood after the interview! I really think this job was meant for me.

Like c'mon we both share the same initials!!! 
ahoymichelle said...

Congratulations on your new job! It sounds like an exciting opportunity to expand on your talented photography skills! :)