Six weeks have passed since I've seen my best friend, so it was really nice to catch up with her on Friday afternoon! We both tried bubble tea at Chatime for the first time before going for lunch at Insomnia. After we ate, we finally exchanged our belated birthday gifts with each and that's when she admitted that I'm really difficult to get presents for! (She's actually not the first one that has told me that!) Since she had no idea what to get me, she ended up getting me four gifts and I immediately put them all to good use when I got home.

I could actually see all the thought she had put into each gift and she nailed it! Thank you Joycelyn for the seashell holder (that I ended up using to put the jewellery I wear on a daily), Zara candle (that smells like clean laundry), hand mixer (that I have been looking to buy) and jar cup (that was on my wishlist!). I don't know why she was freakin' because she knows me too well!

The day ended with us walking around Kensington market and picking up some macarons at Nadege before heading home! Ah... macarons... always a great idea!!!
Nichie said...

Kensington Market is one of the best places to go with a friend, tbh, it's super adventure-y and potential for lots of great photos.