After writing my three hour computer science exam today, I met up with my best friend, Joycelyn! I follow a few Instagram accounts based in Toronto and I saw one user uploaded a photo of her vegan lunch from Hot Beans and it looked so good!!

I had never ate at a vegan place before so I was certainly intrigued by the meal and wanted to try it out for myself! We had lunch there today and I ordered their famous BBQ jackfruit tacos! After finishing the first taco, I was already stuffed and couldn't continue on with my second one. Plus, the taste got really overwhelming after a while. After we ate, I joked with her and asked if she wanted to get macarons (like the last time we hung out!) The thing I love about Joycelyn is that she's always down for anything!

I told her I haven't had macarons from Petite Thuet since that time I got it with her two years ago! With that said, we unknowingly walked an hour from Kensington Market to King Street for macarons!

I'll admit, their macarons are a bit pricer than most places but in terms of quality, they're so worth it! They're bigger than the average size, more filling in the center and less fragile! Every time I visit a macaron shop, I always pick up a few for my sister to try too! We both agreed that there is still no other place that can beat La Bamboche's macarons yet (or maybe we are a bit bias since that was where we tried our first macarons ever!)

After we indulged, Olivia (Joy's older sister) met up with us ...and we randomly decided to go to Harbourfront! The weather was definitely working in our favour today and I really hope it just gets warmer from here on out!!! I'm soooo about dis lyfe!

When we got to Harbourfront, Joycelyn and I realized that we had walked all the way from Bathurst Station to Union Station today! Thing is, I was actually contemplating if I should go home early to go to yoga today but I realized that the long walk was actually sufficient! LOL

I just realized now that whenever I hang with Joycelyn downtown, we rarely take the transit unless we are going home! I think it's actually a good thing though because she's helping me become more street smart! LOL

I just have one more exam to go this week and I am officially done my first year of University!!! I'm so excited to start living my life again and spending more time with all my favourite people!

I'm also excited to finally have some more time for leisure reading! (I'm so nerdy! LOL) Right now, I can't put down the book, "The 100 year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared!"

Rachel Y. said...

Oh my, what a mighty day indeed! x

Nichie said...

That book is one of my absolute favourite books. Isn't the end of your first year just a great feeling. Good luck on future endeavors especially in terms of DM!

Cindy Adores said...

Rachel - It really was! I can't wait to visit this place once the weather gets warmer!

Nichie - It went by so fast! I'm actually a bit anxious of what's in store next year. I hope you have a great summer Nichie! xx