I realized I forgot to blog about my adventure up in Stouffville last weekend with my siblings and my sister's friend! We visited the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival and let's just say it did not reach our expectations...

It was all of our first time attending so we pretty much just lined up wherever we saw a long line. The longest line was the one for the Wagon Ride! We made a stop at the gift shop first to pick up some sweet maple syrup treats and I'm so glad we did! It became a great distraction as we waited until it was our turn to ride the wagon.

Our plan was to ride the wagon and then line up for the other line to go for a walk around the forest! But who knew that we would end up standing in the line for an hour and a half!

Not only that... we realized that each ride only lasted for 5 minutes! I always try my best to look on the bright side of things but.. but.. but... this was just ridiculous.

When it was finally our turn, we were not amused. A family sat in front of us and told us, "Yeah.. our three year old isn't impressed either." LOL

Since most of our afternoon was gone after waiting for the ride, we thought that ending our day with pancakes would be a great highlight! My sister's friend and I shared a plate of pancakes and we were given that mini cup of syrup for them. I really don't know who thought that was a good ratio of syrup to pancakes?! She's like, "It's okay Cindy, we can save some calories!" I responded, "Hahaha... ya!!!" (Secretly dying inside after as I swallowed some bland pancakes.)

On the bright side, that was a tasty maple syrup lollipop! LOL