After Jessie's exam yesterday, we met up at Bathurst station to go for lunch! Since we're both pretty obsessed with macarons, we decided to check out the place my friend Jaey recommended to me a while back! When we walked into Delysees, we were already impressed with their decor and wide selection of macaron flavours! I think it actually took us like 10 minutes to decide which macarons to try!! LOL

Their mini sandwiches also caught our attention so we tried those as well with their sparkly lemonade! I haven't seen Jessie since... last semester I think! Wow. Thing is, even though we didn't see each other often this year, we're so caught up on each other's lives. Would you believe me if I told you that my high school friends and I still talk as a group every single day on Facebook... ever since last summer?!

They're usually the first and last people I talk to each day and we got to the point where our conversation has become so effortless that we don't have to filter ourselves at all. We can just send whatever weird Youtube video we find / rant about any topic / share new songs / tell each other what our latest food obsession is (yogurt, prunes, blueberries) / post selfies of us in our robes... and pretty much anything that is on our mind! LOL

After eating their scrumptious mini sandwiches, Jessie and I didn't want to eat their pretty macarons until we took lots of pictures of them at various angles!! Once I took a bite, I realized that I like macarons that have a bit of chewiness to them and these were just a bit fragile for me. I really liked their flavours though!

After we had lunch together, it was time for me to leave her for my first day at my new part-time job! I was excited but at the same time, I wanted to spend the whole day exploring with Jess! I can't wait until she's done her last exam because there are so many things the fab 5 has planned to do together this summer!!!

Rachel Y. said...

Just wanted to say that the first photo of you is so beautiful, regardless of whether it was candid or not. I love all the adventures you go on too. I think you know that well by now, haha.
Also, here's an explanation of my insta-absence.

Marion | The Dutch Adventure Seeker said...

All that amazing looking food! Jummie! Beautiful pictures :)

Unknown said...