I've been waiting to share this decision on my blog ever since I've decided to transition into this 'lifestyle.' I wanted to see if I could survive one week of it before blogging about it y'know. Three weeks has passed and I honestly think becoming a vegetarian was one of the best decisions I had ever made. I already knew that I would stop ignoring the facts some day and fully commit to this diet!

I still remember that day in grade one when I found out that the chicken that I was singing songs about in class was the same chicken my mom was feeding me for dinner. I thought we just called it chicken as.. I don't know.. a name... like hot dog doesn't literally come from a dog.. that kind of thing. When I realized there was a correlation, it was a weird concept for my six year old brain to grasp. I eventually considered it as the norm since everyone around me was eating meat like it was no big deal.

Fast forward to a few years later, I remember pronouncing my love for meat to my sister and even laughed at the idea of becoming a vegan with my friends. I do feel like a hypocrite now for my ignorant opinions.

The idea of being a vegetarian was planted in my head when I stumbled upon a Youtube video on animal cruelty last year and after watching it, I was swayed to try going vegetarian for a week. I caved in eventually when I just didn't want to go through the need of explaining my choice to others.

Thing is, the thought of being a vegetarian still continued to intrigued me since. I watched two more documentaries on animal cruelty and slowly cut beef out of my diet. Until recently, one of my favourite bloggers posted a video which greatly influenced her decision of becoming a vegan. I always thought being a vegan was extreme and super restrictive but I kept my mind open and watched the video. (If you're one of those people who thinks that you can't get protein without meat or that you need milk for strong bones, I encourage you to watch the video because I use to share the same opinion as you!!)

After watching that last video, something finally flicked inside of me and I just couldn't go ahead with ignoring the truth and eating meat anymore. At the same time, I also questioned whether or not I was getting brainwashed and if the information I was being provided was the truth. Nonetheless, I decided that I should just give it a shot and if I felt sick or anything, I'll just convert right back to my old diet.

After three weeks of this lifestyle, I FEEL SO GOOD. I don't feel the need to nap on the bus anymore or after a heavy meal, my skin started to clear up a lot, bloating only last for half an hour and I have so much energy all day long!!! My employees comment on how I'm always smiling at everyone and it's because I just feel so good inside now!

I've also started to reflect on my life a whole lot more and thought about all the areas I wanted to change or improve about myself!!
  1. For starters, I increased my water intake from one bottle a day to a minimum of four!
  2. I'm waking up and reminding myself that today will be enjoyable and that it's non-negotiable.
  3. I started blogging more for myself and not what others want to read. (You may notice I deleted a few blog posts that didn't have happy memories attached to them.)
  4. I'm starting to become more aware of the consequences of my actions.
  5. I've been making lots of new friends lately by just simply saying hi to the person beside me in the elevator or yoga mat!
  6. Speaking of yoga mat, I am trying my best to not let my mind wander off and think about the list of things I have to do and just relax and enjoy the moment I'm in.
  7. I'm moisturizing a whole lot more (I'm currently obsessed with this and this!).
  8. I'm not straining my eyes to stay up anymore.
  9. I'm spending more time talking about the things that I love.
  10. I deleted songs that do not have happy memories attached to them.

In short, I like this new lifestyle. :)

Rachel Y. said...

Now, THAT is what I like to hear! Seriously, it's so great when people take charge and lead their own direction in their lives, for the better. This is also something that has been weighing on my mind a lot. Thanks to Dana (fellow blogger), I've been more motivated to consume less meat. I've only eliminated some kinds of meat in my diet but I feel the difference almost instantaneously. I'm not sure if I'd be ready to go all out and become vegetarian, but I'd like to work on it gradually. Your major accomplishment to do so, as well as with other lifestyle changes, is a commendable feat. Honestly, I'm so proud of you! I'll get there one day, hopefully. :)