Since I couldn't make it to Madelle's birthday gathering at her place this Wednesday, I promised I would make it up to her by treating her to lunch on Friday! I actually have a list of places I want to eat in Toronto and Mildred's Temple Kitchen is at the top of my list. We met up yesterday afternoon and Madelle told me that she didn't Google the place because she wanted it to be a surprise! (Too cute!)

When we both walked in, we were both impressed with the interior of the place! It was so fresh, minimal and welcoming. Madelle told me it was one of the nicest place she has ever dined at! (Same here gurrl, same here!!) Our waiter was also super friendly and was totally cool with us snapping photos and even helped us!! ^^^

It was a really nice afternoon sipping on cocktails and eating tasty comfort food! All the portions they gave us were literally the perfect size. To top off our meal, we shared their famous Venus Bar together. It was fluffy, nutty, chewy and really satisfied our sweet tooth! Thanks for the great time Mildred, we'll be back for your dinner menu soon!

I hope you had a great day Madelle because you deserve nothing but the best! Love you! xx