I felt so special when Megan messaged me to confirm whether or not we were hanging out on her birthday this past Saturday, only because I knew she probably she had a line up of people who wanted to spend this special day with her!!

The space was really lovely and so was the service and the food! We had the server on the right and we were all just gawking at how pretty his natural green eyes were. They were both so cool with me taking photos that they even offered to help!!

If you didn't know, I'm obsessed with eating and baking banana bread... so when I saw that they had banana bread french toast on their menu... HOLLAAA!

I hope you had a memorable 18th birthday, Megan!! You always see the light in other people and I hope that you see the light in yourself too! You deserve nothing but the best on your special day and I hope your year is filled with nothing but happiness. Love you lots!!! xx
Rachel Y. said...

Happy birthday to your dear friend Megan! Indeed looks like a special occasion - and that banana bread french toast sounds delish! x