I was so excited when Megan asked me if I could be her prom photographer! She helped me out so much during my prom last year and was actually the reason why I had so many great photos to remember my special day!! With that said, I wanted her to have lots of photos to look back on too!

She looked absolutely stunning today! She's honestly a natural beauty so when she had her makeup done to enhance all her great features.. it was like whoaaa! I'm not the only one who thought she looked stunning -- her boyfriend, David just couldn't keep his lips off of her!! They were absolutely adorable and I'm not even lying when I say that in every photo they looked head over heels with each other!

Thanks for letting me be there on your special day Megs, and I hope you had an AMAZING time tonight!!! xx
Rachel Y. said...

I can see why her boyfriend can't keep his lips off her, let alone eyes! She's a stunner, for sure. Too photogenic for words. I hope she had a brilliant night, one to remember. :)