Ever since I became a vegetarian 6 months ago, I've been exploring restaurants that build their menu around my "bush" (That's what my sister's boyfriend calls it! Hahaha) diet. Whenever I hang with Joycelyn, she usually lets me decide where to eat since she's open to trying anything! So lately, we've been trying a few vegetarian/vegan places around Toronto (Hot Beans, Fresh, just to name a few!).

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed last night, I stumbled upon a photo of a dish with the hashtags #vegan #thelovinghut! So long story short, I was intrigued and Joy and I ended up checking out the place after she was done her lecture this afternoon. And yeah, I thought window shopping would be a great way to kill time as I waited for her, but I (always) ended up splurging and picking up a few items from Aritzia! Guilty pleasure fa real.

It actually looks like I'm laughing because the noodle is being funny or something!! LOL

We were about to order their vegan desserts after our main but then I realized I wanted to have macarons instead. Let's be real, when do I not want to have them though?!? And yeah y'know, it has pretty much become obligatory to get macarons with me if we are hanging downtown together! It has also become a thing for me to purchase a dozen (six for my sister and six to share with my companion(s))!

After Thiya got off work, Joy and I met up with her on the subway platform since we were heading in that direction anyways! We sat on the bench in the waiting area and just ate macarons, updated each other quickly (before the next subway arrived) on our lives, and gawked over my brand new camera! (I'm seriously so in love! The sales associate was right, once I start using this camera, I will not want to go back to what I was using before.)

And not to mention, we also gawked over the autograph that Joycelyn got from Lights two days ago!!! I'm so happy she finally got to meet her biggest idol!