Although I did not complete as much homework as I had planned to, I still consider it as a weekend well spent!!! I found a birthday present for my close friend Jessie, lost my Burger Priest virginity, and revisit Medieval Times!!

The first time I went there was four years ago with my sister, her boyfriend and my best friend, Joycelyn! And you won't believe it, I actually found the blog post of the time I went!! You could check it out right here! Susan, Ryan and I decided to visit this place again because we wanted to take my cousin, Linda and her boys, Ethan and Eli this time!

Plus, Linda and Ethan's birthday just passed and there's no better way to get recognition on your birthday than having the King announce it to all the lords and ladies during the tournament! Hehehe

"Mom, let's go in!!!!!!"

It was so nice being seated in the first row and having a great view of the knights jousting!

Ethan and Eli were lovin' every minute of it. It was so cute watching them cheer and wave their banners in the air! Apparently when their mom started cheering along, Eli looked at her and mimicked his Kindergarten teacher, "You have to settle down." I cannot. LOL

We also dined like barbarians and received a slice of cake for their birthdays! Oh! And complimentary group photos too!!

On the car ride home, Eli gave me a big smile (with his two missing front teeth) and mumbled, "I willy had fun!!"and then proceeded to wack me with the sword I bought him! As we got closer home though, he grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it, which pretty much made my heart melt and forget the fact that he tried shoving the sword up my nostril. LOL

Overall, it was a great day spent with my favourite kids and cousin... and sister.. and ok, maybe Ryan too! :)