I honestly cannot believe how quickly the school year is going by!! I swear, two weeks ago, Jessie was just mentioning in our Facebook group chat about her birthday plans and now, her birthday is already celebrated!

So last night, Jessie's hosted her 19th birthday in Yorkville at Ciao Wine Bar! We all ate some authentic Italian food and drank some good wine, before making our way to Proof Vodka Bar to drink some more!

 'Cause y'know, there's no better way to celebrate your legality than by taking advantage of the drinking age! Hehehe

It was so great reuniting with all of my high school friends and at the same time, getting to know Jess' new friends, Melanie and Lindsay! Melanie and I were already following each other on Instagram but it was our first time meeting each other in real life! She urged me to keep pursuing photography and expressed how much potential she saw in me! Too sweet!!

As for Lindsay, I immediately got such a great vibe from her! We quickly bonded over the fact that we both work as receptionist and laughed about the struggles we had to deal with! LOL

Speaking of Jess' great friends, I still can't believe that I still have these great people in my life!!!! Like would you believe me if I told you that Jess, Jeremy, Maddy and I still talk to each other every single day in that Facebook group chat that we created when prom ended last year?!

Despite the fact that we each go to a different University? They've literally become the first people I run to now when I have any news or complaints to share!!

I hope you had a wonderful time Jessie because you are honestly one of the greatest people I cherish so much. Love you!!