Jen and I literally have this friendship where we would go months without speaking to each other but then when we do see each other, our friendship just picks up from where we left off!

After three months of not seeing each other, we finally met up last Friday and hung out at Kensington market. We explored the little shops there in hopes of finding a Halloween costume for me! I was so close to purchasing an Alice in Wonderland costume but decided to give it a bit more thought. We ate at the Burgernator and thought about whether or not I should go forward and purchase it!

Since the night was still young, we decided to go hunt some more because there was always the option of going back to my original idea if I couldn't find anything. Before we continued hunting again, we went and got a double scoop of strawberry cheesecake gelato at Dolce Gelato! LOL

We eventually found a costume outside of Kensington market that fit the both of US!!! It's funny how Jen was just trying on costumes for fun with me since she already had a costume and we somehow liked the way this one fit on us! Long story short, we're going to be the same thing for Halloween this year but we're going to different parties so it's all good!!! :-)

Although we don't see each other as much as we like to, it's always comforting to hear that she is still doing well when we catch up! I actually can't believe this was the last time I blogged about us hanging out!!