For those who don't know what I'm studying, I'm currently studying to be an elementary teacher! I'm still so grateful that I got accepted into the concurrent program, which means I get to do a double major and complete my undergrad and teaching degree at the same time!

With that said, the other major that I'm studying is Digital Media, it's a fairly new program at my school and it's fairly small as well!

So after my last lecture yesterday, my friend Diego and I checked out the event, Maker Day, that my program was hosting! It's basically an event that happens twice a year, where we would invite our school community to come by and build DIY gadgets!

I'll admit, it was actually my first time attending one of my program's events... but I know I'll be attending all of them now since the council asked me to be their photographer this year!!! My friend Denise told me that they wanted to claim me before anyone else does! So sweet! Hahaha

It was nice bumping into some of the upper year students that I met last year at this event! They offered me advice on how to survive in my program (like which professors I should avoid having) and free tutoring as well!

It was also nice having my friend Diego accompany me because while I went around snapping photos, he helped me finish my lantern! Woo hoo!! LOL

The best part about making these toys is that we get to keep them in the end, but that was not the only thing people took advantage of....

free Red Bulls!!! LOL

Nichie said...

I'm so glad we have you as our photographer! your photos are amazing!

Rachel Y. said...

An elementary teacher! Now that sounds like you, Cindy. ;) x