These past six weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and I haven't been in the right state of mind or mood to blog. I was debating if I should share something so personal about my life on here. I realized that if my blog only shows bits and pieces of my life, then I should share a bit about the person who is a big part of my life - my grandma.

So ever since I was born, my parents have been working long hours to make a living for us. My grandma lived with us and raised my sister and I. For the next 19 years, she was my mom, my best friend, my backbone, my biggest fashion critic, my inspiration, my rock and my constant.

She loved me unconditionally when I wasn't the most kind, sweet, thoughtful, dependent or honest granddaughter. She always waited for me to come home, reminded me to take my umbrella, ensured I ate properly, comforted me when I came home crying, accompanied me during dinner, shared the excitement with me when I finally got my Mark III and loved to bother me by peaking her face into my room. She was always there.

It has been two weeks since she left and I'm thankful for my siblings, friends, boyfriend and family for helping me cope, distracting me and asking me daily how I am doing. I'm slowly starting to do the things I love doing again (seeing friends, renewing my yoga membership, taking photos, eating a lot etc.) and I guess this is my post of reassuring everyone that I will be fine.

I just know that she'll always be there looking down on me. :)

Rachel Y. said...

This is so heartwarming; I grew up with my grandma as well and I can't imagine the day when she passes. I trust you're being strong, Cindy. Either way I can tell she has lived a fruitful life and only wishes the same for you, rest in peace x