Now that I'm looking back on this semester, I would say that Physical Computing was my favourite course! What we basically do in this course is try to create art using Arduino, sensors, LEDs, motors etc. In other words, we make cool and geeky things!! LOL

So for our final project, we had to design something based on the knowledge we had gained in these 4 hour long classes! There were projects that had robots following a line, robots trying to replicate the movement of an anemone,

projects that invited the audience to play,

and water that was controlled by sound!!! This was definitely one of my favourites and arguably everyone else's too (so many of us made this our story on Snapchat!! LOL).

Okay so, when I first saw this spout, it literally looked like a running faucet. I didn't understand the hype and why everyone was busting out their phones to take so many photos of it??? LOL

My friends told me to step a little closer to take a photo of it and that's when I realized you are only able to see how the water was really flowing if you looked at it through a camera! So cool!!!

I was kinda wishing I could take a photo of what the faucet looked like before you view it through a camera lens but then I realized I could just turn on any faucet at home and get a photo of that!! LOL

There were also more noteworthy projects, like this little car that also relied on water to function and this machine that was able to identify which items were recyclable!

And then there was MY group's project!! Since social media is a big thing nowadays, our group wanted to incorporate it somehow into our work. We asked the class to tweet at T.H.O.R (Twitter Hashtag Operating Robot)'s Twitter (@THORthebot)...

and then our little twitterbot would choose one of the tweets and respond to it accordingly (i.e. does a happy dance when someone greets him)!!

Whatever we do end up getting on our final project, it doesn't matter (okay it kinda does) because I had a great time working with these guys!!!

Nichie said...

So lucky to have someone so bright and positive like you as a groupmate! Fantastic photos, Cindy! <3