So for my birthday this year, I didn't plan on doing anything extravagant to celebrate... besides going out for dinner with my family! However, my boyfriend and best friends wanted to do something special for me - so sweet!

Daniel and I celebrated my birthday last weekend, since Joycelyn and Camille wanted to have lunch with me on my actual birthday! The three of us ate lunch at our usual spot. They both got me presents (that were actually on my secret wish list) and bought me my favourite carrot cake!!! I was so ecstatic!!!!!! Hahaha

It still hasn't sunk in that I'm 20 years old! Holy moly!!! Literally everyone that wished me a happy birthday either welcomed me to their side... or simply told me that I was old! Like thanks fraaands! Hahaha
Rachel Y. said...

Oh gosh, probably late but happy birthday Cindy!! x