This past weekend, Daniel's friend invited us to Scarborough Bluffs Park! I've been seeing photos of this place all over my Instagram feed, so I was super excited to check it out!!

Coincidentally, we were already planning to come here this week to take photos for my sister's engagement! We realized that it would actually be a good idea to check it out beforehand to scout out locations to shoot at.

We all thought that we were going to be hiking up the cliff. When we got there, we realized that where we had parked was the top of the cliff! To make it a little more exciting for us, we decided to climb down the cliff to check out the lake. After stepping in mud, dirtying our hands and sliding down a bit, we finally made it!!!

Y'know, the whole time I thought that the only way to get down to the lake was by climbing down the cliff and risking your life!!! I finally realized that there are parking spots down there to make it easy access for visitors! LOL

I'm so excited to take my siblings here this week, but I'm even MORE excited to take their engagement photos!!!!!