So Daniel messaged me this morning telling me about his craving for naan, which triggered my craving for Indian roti! With that said, we went on a spontaneous date this afternoon! We checked out the #1 recommended roti place on the blogto site and the place certainly did not disappoint! Dan tried their classic butter chicken roti and I stuck with my usual order (saag aloo). The only complaint I really have about this place is that they really need an AC!! LOL

I'm usually the person who brings a huge camera along when I'm out with my friends but now that I've met Daniel, I pretty much depend on him for capturing the moments! He's also the reason why I have so many photos of myself on my blog now!! Here are a couple of photos from today that I have gathered from both of our cameras!

So after lunch, we went exploring around Kensington Market! We had fancy gelato, [I] bought cute earrings from Anice, tried funky sunglasses, admired cool graffiti, explored clothing stores, drank pineapple & peach smoothies, [Daniel] got a haircut,

...attempted to take an ootd for me (Have you noticed what my signature pose is yet? LOL) and came across odd things (i.e. wasabi gum)!! What a great day with my lil' booger! :-)