There were so many exciting things that happened this week that lugging around my camera wasn't really ideal! Daniel actually gave me his iPhone 5 to use since he upgraded to the newer model, which means the camera quality is a lot better than the iPhone 4 I had! My sister also bought me a cute gold pineapple case from JCrew, which makes me want to pull out my phone all the time to admire it!! LOL

Here's a recap of my week through my iPhone photos! I had brunch with my best friend Thiya this past weekend at Wilbur! We devoured tacos, guac and chips while catching up on each other's summer. Thiya always says that she finds herself eating too much or getting grass stains whenever we hang out together! I guess it was no surprise for her when we picked up green tea frappucinos at Starbucks and macarons at Delysees, after she claimed that she was full!! LOL

On Sunday, I went to Wonderland with Ryan, Susan and Maria! We spent most of our time at the water park! I'm pretty sure my sister and I stood under the large water bucket, where it would accumulate a lot of water before dumping it on us, about 10 times!! We would've stood under there even more times if no one nagged us to get going! LOL

We purchased a wristband to get unlimited access to pop, so we kept encouraging Ryan to get refills to get our money's worth! Every time he had to go to the washroom, my sister and I saw it as our chance to run under the large water bucket!!! LOL

Our day ended with the four of us napping on the lawn chairs and getting our tan on! I'm pretty sure I got one shade darker. My sister begs to differ but I just think it's never the right lighting when she sees me y'know?? I also got bird pooped on, which is apparently good luck?! Thing is, my g2 test was the next day and let's just say... I didn't get good luck. :-( My sister helped me bounce back from my "too sad to function mood" by reminding me that the test doesn't define who I am and she's so right!!

A few days later, Daniel, Nancy, Ashad and I attended the Miguel concert!!!! Miguel certainly did not disappoint. I just couldn't believe his presence was so close, his voice was so angelic and his abs were so real!!! This was actually my first concert where I didn't bring my camera because I was afraid it would get confiscated, so thanks to Dan for this Miguel photo!!