Daniel and I kinda went overboard with spending last month so we're cutting down on our date budget for August! One of the perks that comes with working at a tourist place is that my badge grants me free access to other tourist places, which makes for fun (and cheap) dates!!!

So yesterday, Daniel and I had all you can eat sushi at Aji Sai before making our way to the Science Centre for some afternoon fun!!! Here's a bunch of photos that I've gathered from both of our cameras!

I really wanted to check out "The Amazing Aging Machine," because that station always seems to be crowded whenever I go!

My big head actually got stuck in that astronaut cut-out!!! LOL :-(

We were having waaay too much fun with the plasma ball and air blower! He loved seeing my reaction every time he poked me while touching the plasma ball! So evil liiike! LOL

Meanwhile, I enjoyed having my hair (and nostril hairs) blown around!!! LOL

We both wanted to do the electricity demo that makes your hair stand up but we arrived too late for the show, so hopefully next time we get to do it!! On the bright side, I finally got to do what I was looking forward to doing!!! LOL :-)