Although I'm going to miss summer very much, I'm actually really excited for autumn!!! There are so many things I can't wait to share on this blog, like my new teaching placement with grade fours, photography gigs, fall wardrobe, birthday gatherings... and speaking of that, my cousin Linda had a joint birthday party with her son at Tenichi last night!

After having all-you-can-eat sushi, Linda and Ethan opened their gifts before dessert arrived at the table! My little cousin Eli was certainly not happy to see his older brother open gifts after gifts, while he received nothing. To cope with his jealousy, he unwrapped Ethan's gifts for him without asking. Oh Eli! LOL

My sister and I are so glad that Ethan still haven't grown out of his lego stage yet, which makes it easier to figure out what he wants for his birthday! (Check out the wrapping paper Eli is holding, after unwrapping Ethan's gift! Hahaha)

On the other hand, looking for a gift for Linda required a little more effort for my sister and I. Since her birthday is only five days before her son, it's safe to say that he was the best birthday present she has ever received. ;)

In our attempts to find a gift just as good (oh who am I kidding hahaha), we wanted to get her clothes that could help her transition into fall!

We found her an adorable vest and printed scarf (that my sister and I were really contemplating on buying duplicates for ourselves) from Aritzia. I can't wait to see her rock these items with the new Chanel boy bag that she got from the hubby. ;)

Their birthdays always make the first month of school so much more exciting! You can read about Ethan's past birthday celebrations herehere, here and here!