I wasn't able to see Rachel as much as I had liked to this summer, since I always seem to have work or plans that I couldn't get out of when she was in the city. Since she's finally back for school, we had to meet up and celebrate her belated birthday!!! We decided to change it up today and ate at Queen St. Warehouse, instead of our usual sushi spot.

I just realize that we tend to meet up at the beginning of the school year, in the middle and at the end of the last semester! We have this type of friendship where we can just go for months without speaking and seeing each other but can easily pick up from where we left off (those are the best kind of friendships!). We had so much to share with each other today, that we didn't realize how quickly three hours flew by!!

I seriously can't wait to see her new place near the water front and the spectacular view she gets of the CN Tower! So envious but so happy for her!!!