Every time school resumes for me, it's noticeable how I tend to update less on here. I don't really like that because I enjoy blogging (well... you would think I do by now if I had this blog for almost seven years!! LOL). I realize I can continue to share more frequently during the school year if I prioritize and dedicate my time to it! With that being said, here's another update for this week!

Last Saturday, I had the chance to take photos for the annual event, held by my favourite yoga teachers, Yoga in the Vines! I feel so honoured that Natalie and Jaclyn would ask me to take photos for them again this year!! (Click here to read the post from last year if you haven't yet!)

During the event, many of the yogis asked me if I was studying photography, if I practiced yoga and if I was the photographer for the teacher summit. I was also asked how I got assigned the role of the photographer!

So here's the story of how exactly I got involved! Last summer, I didn't practice yoga as much as I had liked to because I was too busy working at the CN Tower ...to buy the camera and lens I'm using now!! LOL

I remember showing up to one of Natalie's (that's the cute lady in the bottom photo) classes and having her ask me what I have been up to since she haven't seen me practicing in her classes. I told her that I was busy taking pictures at work and coincidentally, she was actually looking for a photographer for this event last year!

Ever since then, so many opportunities unfolded for me at Power Yoga Canada, that I'm very grateful for.

Since the event was such a success last year, I'm so happy they decided to do it again this year. It's such a great way to meet new people in my community and seeing the friends I made from their previous events and classes!! :)

It's weird how it was raining during the event last year and this year but that really didn't stop us from having fun!

The morning started off with yoga led by Natalie and then a dance session led by Jaclyn. We also had the amazing Normando playing music for us!

And I can't believe Jaclyn was actually showing everyone how to do the whip/nae nae!! It was actually amazing to watch! LOL

Before travelling to the other wineries, Southbrook Vineyards kindly prepared us a delicious lunch! :)

Natalie and Jaclyn changed it up this year and took the group to two new wineries! The staff were really great and welcoming at both!

This whole event wouldn't have been a success without the people in the photo below! Thanks again for having me guys!!!

It was so hard to narrow down a few photos for this blog post, so head on over to my Facebook page (I can't believe I finally made one!!!) if you would like to see more!