I've missed out on the last two annual family cottage trips because work got in the way every time! When my sister invited me to her friend's cottage at the end of this month, I quickly cleared my schedule to make time to enjoy the last few days of this beautiful weather!!

As we drove up north, my sister joked about taking a raft to get to the cottage once we arrived... umm... um.. A RAFT?

When we arrived, I was expecting a raft to be waiting for us near the dock. My sister and Ryan were dying of laughter because I actually believed them. Oh thank goodness! We ain't about that life yo!!! We need a legit toilet and shower and WIFI. We call this ~*~glamping~*~ (glamour camping, for all y'all who didn't know). ;)

If I was to compare this cottage to the other cottages I've been to, this one has more of a community feel. All the cottages were situated close by and everyone was extremely friendly. There were many recreational activities; a pool, basketball court, playground, beach, and canoes!!

We arrived on Saturday morning and explored the place before the others arrived. While we were strolling around, we saw many people getting around with golf carts.

We saw this one man approaching us and joked about hitch hiking. Ryan stuck out a thumb really quick and man actually pulled over and asked us where we were heading!

He told us to hop on and gave us a tour around the resort and shared the history of this place with us. Ryan sat beside our new friend, Brian, while my sister and I held on tight in the back seat as he went up and down hills! He had no mercy with his driving (like my brother...heh heh)

When everyone finally arrived, Brian offered to give all seven of us + Louis (the dog) another tour!!! Unfortunately, our ride was cut short when we weren't able to make it up a hill... LMAO.

The cottage was so cute and cozy!! It had a barbecue so we took advantage of that for every meal.

While we were up at the cottage, my sister and Ryan were expecting a call from the realtor to know whether or not they got the house they put an offer on. Everyone on the trip was so anxious for them and were ready to drink if they did... or did not...

...BUT THEY DID!!! THEY'RE MOVING IN LESS THAN A MONTH!@#$%! I don't feel sad about her moving out because I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot of time at their place... whether they want me or not! ;)

We spent Sunday afternoon chilling by the pool and learning how to swim. (-_-) 'Cause y'know, gotta learn before my sister's destination wedding next year! Afterwards, we all took a nap on the chairs while sunbathing. I was not facing the sun the right way, so now I am rocking a gradient tan!!! Good thing it's autumn now and I don't have to worry about showing (and shaving) my legs! :)

Thanks Adisa and Tina for having us!! It was a much needed getaway!