My cousin from Vietnam is now living with my family, while she finishes grade 12 at a private school. She arrived on Friday morning and was in for a big culture shock!! She has never seen so many leaves falling off the trees, so many cars on the road and so many different ethnicities! She was also surprised that this wasn't the coldest temperature Toronto has to offer. It's so funny how she thought 10 degrees was really cold... like gurrrl wait until the snow starts falling! Speaking of that, I can't wait for her to see and touch snow for the first time!!!

My cousins, boyfriend and I took her out to eat a lot this weekend! She loved all the food she was exposed to (except ketchup chips ..what) and told me that Vietnam doesn't offer as much variety as here! She also had no idea how spicy Chipotle can make your meal and how big the ice cream waffles are when you ask for it! Daniel and I took her out shopping yesterday and she was so overwhelmed with all the clothing stores and different styles that were here. She told me that she noticed how people in Toronto dress very minimal, while people in Vietnam try really hard to stand out and be different.

I just realized I still have a lot of time to show her around our city, since she's planning to stay here for university!!

(All photos in this blog post is courtesy of Linh!)