I don't think I've shared the story, on my blog, of how my boyfriend and I first met! Long story short, I met Daniel last summer while working at the CN Tower. I still remember the first words he said to me was, "You have a nice smile," and I thanked him and ran off to work. We barely got to know each other since we worked at different stations and he eventually quit two months later. Once he left, he started messaging me on Facebook and was very persistent on getting a date with me! After making a lot of excuses of how I'm really busy, I decided to give him a chance.

When Daniel and I first started going out, I really thought it was bad timing. I kept thinking of so many reasons why this relationship just wouldn't work out, while he kept convincing me that it can. A few months later, he has become my bestest friend and supporter. There were so many moments where I would just cry in his car because I missed my grandma a lot or I didn't know which direction I was going with my career. And he usually knew what to say to make me feel better. :)

To celebrate our one year anniversary last Sunday, he took me to a fancy sushi place! Since it wasn't all-you-can-eat, I found that I was really savouring each piece of sushi. Plus, the fish names and prices they have listed on their menu made me curious to see what was so great about their place!??! Daniel and I were pretty much food critics that night and actually enjoyed this place a lot!!!

After dinner, we exchanged our gifts in his car. I read him the cheesy card I made him, where I thanked him for a bunch of things ..like screenshotting my embarrassing Snapchat selfies and using them cleverly, like memes, in our convos. I also had him open my gift first!!

I got him a leather wallet and placed his favourite polaroid of us (from Halloween) inside. I remember him asking me, after the party, if he could keep it and I told him that he needed a new wallet before he can keep this precious photo of us in there. Little did he know... that's what I got for him!! Heh heh ;)

He made me a bouquet of fake flowers (and said that real flowers will die that's why ahahaha) and a marble case for my laptop! He was so surprised at how content I was with the gifts he got for me because he didn't think I'd react that way! Like boyyy... I told you that I don't mind dating a Splenda daddy!!! He told me that he actually had one more thing for me and handed me a teal coloured bag... and now I have this cute bracelet on me 24/7!!

I'm so excited to renew this one year subscription with him!!
Nichie said...

CINDY YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE OMG reading this has made me so happy omg feelings