Last week, Daniel took me out for dinner at Drake and Susur Lee's new restaurant, Fring's! I was trying to get reservations there a few months ago for his birthday but the place was fully booked!

With that being said, I was surprised that Daniel was able to get one! When I found out which restaurant we were going to, I quickly searched up their menu online. I was a little taken back by the prices and was like, "Uh Daniel.. are we just eating sides?" LOL

We were just eating Harvey's on our date last month, so eating $40+ entrées now was unbelievable to me! I'm not used to being spoiled y'knowww! I was excited to try this place after eating at Bent, owned by the same chef, for Daniel's birthday. For appetizers, we shared their crab cakes and thought it tasted really good ...but perhaps we were just really hungry? It literally took an hour for the food to arrive. I'm not sure if they're known for slow service... but man.. we were almost on the verge of being hangry!!

As for the entrée, I wanted to try something I couldn't make at home! I ordered their mushroom & winter truffle pappardelle, while Daniel ordered... you won't believe it.. fried chicken!!! I was like, "Boiiii! You can get that at KFC!" Anyways, he said that it tasted really good and moist! LOL

He also tried to defend his chicken by saying that no other place would give him a small spoon for his sauce. Uhhhh.. ya ok Daniel. LOL

As for dessert, we decided not to order anything because we were surprisingly really full already! I was wondering why it took them so long to bring Daniel the check though hello??? Don't y'all want your money?! LOL

They actually took so long because they were preparing my birthday treat - so sweet! Thank you for a memorable birthday, Daniel! I luUuv ya biscuit head!