I was super optimistic about getting a lot of work done during reading week. Thing is, when you have no school and your friends have no school either... you just wanna take advantage of the rare chance when you're all free during the school year!!

Long story short, dis gurl barelyyy did any work. To be honest, I'm not even surprise with myself!!! LOL

Last Wednesday night, I was finally able to introduce my boyfriend to my two childhood besties at Demetres! It was too bad Joycelyn couldn't join us because she caught a nasty cold. :(

I don't even know why it took me so long to introduce him when I have practically met all of Daniel's friends! It was too bad Daniel couldn't stay with us that long because he had an ultimate frisbee game...

But let's be real, who reallyyy cares?? We were able to talk a whole lotta crap about him and catch up on each other's lives! :)

In all seriousness, I'm really happy my bestest-est-est friends approve of him!!!