So this past weekend, Daniel and I checked out Night It Up! It's basically a little night market that happens every summer, where there's a variety of asian food, games and attractions. It was our second time attending together and this year was by far better than last year. It was probably because I wasn't hangry... :)

We also had no idea that we showed up an hour before the event started, until we found out from one of Daniel's friends we bumped into. It was actually a good thing that we did because they were already serving food and the lines were much shorter.

At first, we didn't want to commit to any stands until we got a general idea of what kind of food vendors they had. After scoping out the place, the first thing we tried was the stinky tofu! And ya... it was reaaal stinky to me. Daniel has had it plenty of times before, so I was trusting him that it tasted better than it smelled!

So let's see.. how would I describe my first bite... well.. my piece didn't have that much sauce on it, so it did tasted like how it smelled. Also, I was kinda surprised by how crumbly the texture was on the inside.

I felt like that wasn't a good bite to make a judgement call, so I took another piece with more toppings and sauce. For the second time around, I could see why there was such an appeal. :)

By the wayyy, don't wear white if ya know you're gonna be pigging out!!!

While we ate our tofu, we started lining up for one of the other food vendors that Daniel's friend was running. Y'know... ya gotta strategize... to make sure you constantly had something to eat!! LOL

It was basically deep fried instant noodles. We tried the "Butter Bee" flavour and to be honest, I found it to be really bland. It was a cool concept though!

In between trying exotic food, we played games and took surveys for free goodies!

We basically went home with free earbuds, bluetooth speaker, Aveeno creams, temporary tattoo stickers and a string bag. The string bag came in handy to hold all of our prizes!

After we won our free earbuds, we lined up for takoyaki!

When we got our lil' paper boat, we realized how crowded it was and how long the lines were getting. No one was budding us in line though, so I was a happy camper. :)

After Daniel got his freaky lookin' squid-on-a-stick to eat, we went to line up at Frozen Stone. Actually.. there was no line up. I'm not sure if it was because they were serving it really fast or this is a hazardous food item. Regardless, we enjoyed it a lot!!

It was basically corn puffs that had been frozen over by liquid nitrogen and it was so cool to see how these reacted once we popped it in our mouths!

As I was munching away, Daniel went to play his favourite sport ...ultimate frisbee. Ever since I've started dating him, I can't escape this sport!!! It's everywhereee... literally.

Like when he's not practicing or playing tournament games, we run into it on our dates! LOL

After he got that out of his system, we went to line up for these taiwanese "wheel cakes" that are filled with red bean paste.The lady at the cashier told us it would only be a 15 minute wait. After 40 minutes has passed, we realized we were in too deep!!! When we finally got it in our hands, it was.. meh.

Overall, I had a really enjoyable time with one of my favourite people. :)