This past weekend, my cousin Jennifer got married!!! After the dragon dance, wedding speeches and twelve course meal (cray cray!), the photobooth started rolling out. It was sucha big hit among the guests and it was so awesome how they gave out a hard copy to each person that was in the photo!

I obviously had to get a photo with my lova first! When I got home and took a closer look at it, I literally died at the bottom left corner!! Savage.

We kicked Daniel outta there after, so that the four of us could get a photo together. It would've been complete if my cousin Jenny joined us too! In case you're wondering, I was telling the groom to join us in the last photo ...but it was too late. :(

I'm so happy that my sister dragged my dad into the photobooth to take a photo with my mom - too cute! I was trying to accessorize my mom in the top right photo, but some thought I was tryna photobomb, which is why we ended up with a bunch of people in the photo! LOL

Throughout the night, I had relatives being like, "Cindy, you're next to get married." Pffft. Ya. Ok. If anything, I think my cousin Simon and his girlfriend Jennifer will get married before I do!

This has got to be my favourite group photo of the night!! So chaotic, but so good. (PS. Sorry for blocking your face in the last photo mom. It's a struggle when you're a shortie and you get the back! Hahaha)