Hey guys!!! I seriously want to apologize for how late I am with this blog post, but I'm SO excited to finally share photos from my amazing time in Mexico! There is so much to say about this trip, so get ready (and comfy!) for all the photos coming your way.

So back in June, I spent one week in Mexico, with over 50 family members and friends, for my sister's wedding! It was actually my first time vacationing at a tropical destination, and staying at an all-inclusive resort.

It had also been a while since I've gone on an airplane - the last time was in grade three! During the flight there, Nancy (my cousin) and I occupied ourselves with free movies on the airplane app.

Before we knew it, everyone was clapping because we just had a safe landing!! On the bus ride to our hotel, I couldn't get over all the palm trees lining the side of the road. It was just too pretty. I totally regret not taking a photo now! Ugh.

Once we checked in, received our goodie bags and got the keys to our room, my cousin and I were so eager to explore the resort! But first things first, we had to drop off our luggages in our room.

A bellboy gave us a quick tour on his lil' golf cart, before dropping us off in front of our building. We quickly freshened up and met Daniel by the pool!

The first thing we all did was order cute drinks at the bar! We couldn't get over the fact that everything was free on this resort! Like are you seriously telling me that I can just EAT and DRINK as much as I WANT?!?! Who knew this kind of stuff existed!! LOL

Speaking of free drinks, the groom definitely took advantage of that! Ryan had a little too much to drink on his second day there that a wheelchair was needed to escort him back to his room. Oh man, the wifey was not impressed! LOL

Since there were 8 restaurants/cafes for us to choose from, I tried to dine at a new place every night!

During the evening, there were a lot of entertainments on the resort. On our first night there, we watched these guys play around with fire, and they made it look like it was nothingggg.

The following day, we had a chance to fully explore the resort! We lounged by the pool, tanned on the beach and played basketball in the water. Alright guys. Confession time.... I cannot swim.

And every time the guys decided to play basketball in the teen pool, and the net is placed in the deep end (like WHY!!), I can't join in! I mean, I can... but standing and jumping on my tippy toes kinda hurts. LOL

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This meme perfectly describes how I feel!! LOL

They were always kind though and let me take a shot when I wasn't in the pool!! :)

On our second day there, my sister actually planned a night out in Cancun for us! We bought tickets to the popular night club, Coco Bongo! I don't even know where to begin with describing this. There were circus acts, musicals, unlimited drinks, tons of confetti and hundreds of people!!

In between the performances, they would select girls to dance on stage. When a security guard came and ask my boyfriend to go up and dance, I was so confused as to why he would choose a guy, until...

Thanks baby for letting me share this video!!! Hahaha

The following day was considered a "recovery day." There was nothing like waking up to all-you-can-eat french toast and hash browns!

So every night, the housekeeper would leave us a sheet on our nightstand that listed all the activities for the next day. I always thought about getting up to do morning aerobics in the pool or to watch the sun rise at the beach. Yeah... both of those things didn't end up happening. LOL

One of the things that I did manage to participate in was the cigar rolling class at the gazebo! It was funny because there was only one person in the class who actually smokes cigars. Everyone else was either curious or just happened to be around when the workshop was about to start.

We were told what kind of leaves were the best to use and how to tell if it came from an authentic seller. We all got a leaf to roll our joint and a judge came around after to decide who rolled theirs the best.

Believe it or not, I actually won and got a free cigar!! I gave them both to my dad, but I think he gave them away to someone else... LOL

My family and friends literally gave me this puzzled look when the guy announced it, since I have never smoked anything before! The only experience I can really think of is rolling rice papers rolls! LOL

Afterwards, I remember my boyfriend and dad trying to teach me how to swim in the pool, which didn't go all that well. It was cute that they tried, even though I was perfectly fine with my floatie! LOL

That night, my sister booked reservations for our family at the teppanyaki restaurant. Daniel and I arrived early and got great seats at the front of the griddle. The chef was so skilled with the knives, that the thought of losing an eyeball didn't even cross my mind!!!

A bunch of us hung out in the lounge afterwards and played cards (we were all obsessed with Slap Jack!), discussed career goals and talked about superstitions when it came to marrying or moving into a new house.

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The next day, I managed to wake up in time for the shooting range activity! To be honest, I had no idea what I was aiming for, since I didn't have my glasses. LOL

Daniel showed up last minute and totally killed it on his first try! The members on the other team, who were employees at the resort, were in total disbelief. Ya, that's ma baby! *hair flip* LOL

After my quick lil' nap on the beach, I spent the rest of my afternoon at a makeup trial session with my sister. Along with her makeup artist and hairstylist, we figured out my sister's look for her big day!

After her session, we drove back to the resort and quickly got ready for our night out in the city again. This time, it was for the bachelor and bachelorette parties!

The girls and guys attended two separate clubs and then reunited at the third club! Daniel squeezed me so tight when we finally reunited, and complained about how boring it was when you're not single at a club. Hahahah

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The last club we went to was opened until 6am! Our wedding group was pooped by the time it got to 4am. Once you party in Mexico, you'll realize Toronto can't even be compared to it!

Once again, the following day was another recovery day for us! LOL

Instead of chilling on the resort that day, most of us bought tickets for the submarine excursion. We were taken across the water on a boat, before going underwater in a submarine.

I'm not sure if it was the night out of drinking that caused most of us to be sea sick, but the bride and groom survived the longest in the submarine.

After I caught a glimpse of Dory, I quickly got myself outta there. I basically spent the rest of my time breathing in a plastic bag, incase I had to puke. I even heard kids laughing around (or at) me. LOL :(

When we got back to the resort, we freshened up and had dinner altogether at an italian restaurant. I walked by the lounge afterwards and said hi to my aunt...

...and noticed how cute my dad was sleeping! Hahahah

The following day was the WEDDING(!!!), which I'll be dedicating my next blog post for! After a crazy night of dancing, we found this cute lil' thing hanging on our door the next morning.

It brought back so many memories of my sister and I sitting on my bedroom floor and spending hours just measuring and cutting out that pineapple scrapbook paper. To see it finally be put into use made me so happy! LOL

And on our last day there, we spent it leisurely on the resort! I tried to soak up as much sun as I could, drink as many mango slushies and "Bob Marley" drinks as my belly lets, and take as many photos as possible!

Going on vacation with over 50 people was certainly not an easy thing to plan, but we did it!!!!

This vacation definitely exceeded my expectations, and brought my family so much closer! Now, I'm just hoping that someone else in the fam will consider having a destination wedding!!! ;)

Also, big thanks to my boyfriend for capturing all of the things, on his Instagram, that I didn't get a photo of!

Next up is the wedding blog post! I'm really excited to share photos (and my wedding speech song!) from that day, so stay tuned!!!