I'm a little behind on my blogging (what else is new?? hehe) but I'm so excited to finally share the song that I made for my sister's wedding!! Before I get to that, I have a couple of polaroids I want to share from my sister's big day.

On the day of, I was their lil' messenger. Since they were getting ready in separate rooms, I had to run across the resort to deliver the gifts and cards they got for each other. My sister literally died when she saw the furry Hello Kitty card and the iPhone 6s he got for her. Like it was about time she upgraded her Blackberry curve! LOL

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and practically everyone was teary eyed when they exchanged their vows. I was low key trying to cry "pretty," since the photographer was all up in our faces, but that was obviously impossible. LOL

After the ceremony, family and friends signed the guestbook, took photos with the bride and groom and enjoyed the cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, until it was time to get seated inside.

As our meals were getting served, we had the speeches happening. I didn't expect to be the first one up though! After rehearsing one last time outside and getting some liquid courage, I WAS READYYYY!!!!

After all the speeches, it was time to get crackalackin' on the dance floor! I have never seen my dad and uncle boogie as hard as they did that night!! Hahaha

Afterwards, everyone was called outside for the PINATA! I don't remember who was the one to finally get it to crack open, but I do remember that I went cray cray and collected most of the candies!! Sorry kids. There ain't no stoppin' me!!! :)

I can't believe this day went by in a blink of an eye and that all of our hard work in planning this is doneeeee!!! 

I still have the professional photos that were recently sent to us by the wedding photographers. Once my sister and I narrow down the best ones, I'll definitely share them on here. ;)