Every now and then, I like to take a look at the "adventure list" that Daniel and I came up with when we first started dating. It's basically a bunch of date ideas for us to do!

One of the things that we haven't done on our list was attend a painting class together! Groupon always has great deals on these classes. We bought tickets for the "easy" class that morning and went right after Daniel got off work. We had no idea that it would be located in the same village that we had our first date!

Once we arrived, we redeemed our tickets, got our free drinks and put on our aprons. The painting we were trying to replicate was called, "Full Moon." 

We first watched how the instructor did the sky and then we went and attempted it ourselves.

Once Daniel and I got started, we realized that the instructor made it look wayyy easier than it did. We were laughing at how this was considered an easy class, considering that we were having a bit of a difficulty blending the colours nicely. LOL

I accidentally dabbed some yellow in my sky and it started turning green!! I was low key panicking, so I started lathering on more paint and brushing it out quickly. LOL

I eventually tossed out the idea of trying to make mine look like the instructor's painting and threw in some purple paint. I shrugged and thought, "Ya, that works." Haha!

At one point, my painting somewhat looked like the Aurora Borealis, and I was really happy with the result!!! Until... I wasn't looking at what I dipped my brush into and ruined it all. :) :) :)

Meanwhile, Daniel was trying really hard to make his painting look like the original one. Once he got the hang of it, he breezed by quick and started working on his tree ...while I was still trying to fix my sky.

It was a little tricky trying to make clean lines for the branches of the tree, especially the curly ends. I decided to just have my branches looking like that... :)

Daniel didn't even attempt to make the ends curly. LOL

I was so romantic and drew Daniel and I sitting on a tree branch, while Daniel was like, "I'm gonna try to draw an owl!" LOL

After we finished our paintings, I realized that Daniel was wearing white shoes the whole time!!! But then I realized that I was not wearing the ideal footwear for this class either. We were so lucky we left with no paint on our shoes!!

Once we finished, we tried to get a photo together of our masterpieces. We asked a couple to take a photo of us, in exchange for a photo of them.

For some reason, it's so rare for us to get a focused photo on my camera. Oh well! Come to think of it, our paintings don't look that bad when they're out of focus!! LOL 

We both had a great time and I would totally recommend this to those looking for an activity for a date or a night out with friends! They also hold a bunch of different workshops for different skill levels. You can even learn how to recreate your own "Starry Night" painting!

Stay tune for another blog post tomorrow night. ;)