Alright guys, I'm fully aware of how late I am in blogging about this event!!! It took Shoppers unnecessarily long to develop my photos from my disposable camera. But without further ado, I finally have some photos to share from that weekend!!

Many of my close friends were shocked when they found out that I was gonna go to an EDM festival, considering that I don't really listen to this genre. I never pictured myself going either!

It all happened when Daniel told me that he would pay for my two day ticket to keep him company. I knew a few friends who went the previous years and they all seem to really enjoy it. So I thought... why not give it a chance and see what the hype was all about!!

We attended the festival with Daniel's close friends and their girlfriends, so it was pretty much.. three couples! LOL

The highlight of my weekend was definitely wiggling around with Daniel and seeing the artists I heard on the radio perform live! To be honest, I'd much rather dance in a crowd than out in the open. I really didn't want anyone to see me dance, especially when I don't know how!! LOL

We didn't have to wait too long at the food trucks for a meal. I was really digging this dark drink that Daniel got. It was a nice tangy and lemony flavour and did a great job at quenching my thirst during the heat. However, it wasn't fun having to pee in the porta potties after. LOL 😢

The only downside to my weekend was not being able to see Majid Jordan perform live, since Kygo was on at the same time as them! Daniel and I were initially going to stay and watch Kygo for 30 minutes and then make our way to the other stage. 

We actually ended up being so close to the stage for Kygo that it would just be a waste of time to make our way out.

My friend Jessica knew that I was bummed about not getting to see them live. A few days later, she found out that they added an extra tour date in Toronto and told me right away!