My boyfriend and I wanted to end summer on a good note last year, so we had a mini getaway to Niagara Falls! We wanted to do something again this summer, and decided to visit Montreal in the last weekend of August!

Daniel has been here a couple of times for his ultimate frisbee tournaments, but he didn't get to explore much of the city. Meanwhile, the last time I've really explored it was in grade eight for my graduation trip, which you can actually read about it here! (I can't believe I've had my blog for this long either...)

Daniel was in charge of finding an Airbnb and booking the megabus tickets for us. After a whole lot of searching, he found a great (and cheap!) lil' place right in the heart of downtown! Almost everything that we wanted to see and do was within a walking distance away.

Once we arrived on Friday afternoon, we dropped off our belongings and got started on our adventure! We technically only had 42 hours to do everything on the itinerary that I've created for us!

Since it was a little too early for dinner, we decided to check out St. Catherine St., which is basically the Queen St. West of Toronto. We were about to make a pitstop at Chatime, but stumbled upon another taiwanese tea place!

We decided to give it a chance, since we noticed how busy they were inside. I can't remember exactly what I ordered, but I do know that it was tasty and I finished it! LOL

Afterwards, we started making our way to Old Montreal to have dinner at Terrasse Sur L’Auberge. This place is known for the amazing views you can see from their patio, which I thought would make for some great photos!

On our way there, we unknowingly came across the Notre-Dame Basilica! It was actually on my itinerary for us to check out if we had time.

I'm glad that we did get to see it because the intricate details on the architecture was amazing!!

We continued our route and finally made it to the restaurant! It was no surprise that there was a long line up to get seated.

Even though we didn't get seated right beside the skyline, we still managed to get great shots! After all that walk, the menu didn't really appeal to us. LOL

We decided to just order some drinks and chips, before leaving to watch street performances and explore the shops!

We slowly made our way back and stopped by at Sesame for their signature asian poutine! That was really satisfying to eat!!!

We ended our night at the arcade trying to beat the highest score for the electronic basketball. We even played it together on one net, and we still couldn't beat it! We just couldn't get a nice rhythm when it came to who goes when.

In other words, we would both shoot at the same time and our balls would just bounce off each other, instead of going into the net!! LOL 
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