Last weekend, Daniel and I got complimentary tickets to Casa Loma! It was my first time going, and his second time. He doesn't remember much from his last visit though, since he was really young when he went with his family.

Lately, I find that before I go to a place, I like to go on Instagram and search the hashtag or address of it, just to get an idea of what to expect. For Casa Loma, I noticed that a lot of people took photos of the stained glass ceiling and the fountain inside the conservatory.

Unfortunately, there was a wedding taking place in there that day, so we didn't get a chance to check it out.

Actually, there were other floors and tunnels closed off because they were getting ready for their Halloween programming. I've read some creepy stories about their tunnels, so I wasn't looking forward to that anyways! LOL

Besides that, we still got to see some neat stuff! We took a map when we entered, but barely referred to it. The usual! LOL

Oh yeah, I got a haircut since the last time I blogged!! My dad always cuts it shorter than what I ask for though! He also layered it a lot this time, so I would wake up in the morning looking like a Christmas tree or mushroom. :) :) :)

I'm crossing my fingers/eyes/toes that it'll look a little better when it grows out and will take me half the time to style it.

I wasn't able to get a photo of every room we saw, because it was either too dim or cramped in there. They do have a gallery on their website if you would like to see more!

Since the castle sits on top of a hill, we were able to get a great view of the skyline from the windows and tower!

Daniel was judging me for wanting to spend $1.05 on a souvenir coin. He just didn't see the appeal for it. For some reason, it wouldn't accept my change though.

Funny thing is, when I came back from the washroom, I noticed that he was trying to get one at another machine for me! What a sweeeetie! LOL

Check it out! It's Casa Loma engraved on a flattened nickel!!

Afterwards, we made our way out to the garden and enjoyed some gelato. Pistachio is always my go-to flavour!

Once we finished and got a photo together, we were ready to make our way down to Liberty Village to check out Peace Collective's new store!

We were more curious about their milkshakes than their clothes though! LOL

I was surprised at how fast they made it, considering how many toppings it has, and how it wasn't overly sweet. We shared their D.R.E.A.M (Donuts Rule Everything Around Me) milkshake.

We ended our day with warm bowls of pho and a marathon of Dexter! 😋

Before I end this post, I just wanna say that I'm aware of how often Daniel is appearing in my blog posts these days. I just wanna reassure you guys that I'm still very close with my other friends! (The Facebook conversation for Fab 4 is still going strong after three years!)

Since we're all on a tight schedule these days with school and work, the only time I really get to see them now is for dinner. I like to spend that time catching up with them, instead of trying to capture the moment. Plus, my chunky camera is just a hassle sometimes. :)