Before I begin, I just wanna say that it feels so good to be blogging consistently again!! I really feel like I re-discovered my love for blogging this summer. ☺️

So tonight, we celebrated my mom's birthday at this cute little Thai restaurant called, Jatujak! My aunt actually showed me this place over the summer, and I really enjoyed it!! I was excited when she chose this spot for dinner again because I do catch myself thinking about their Thai lemon iced tea whenever I'm at a bubble tea shop or night market. It's a must try folks!! LOL

It's located in a sketchy lookin' plaza, but this place is seriously a hidden gem. The portions are huge, the food is flavourful, and the service is really fast!

I'm dying at my mom's expression in the photo above. Too cute!!! 😂

My aunt always treats us well and makes sure we're well fed. With that being said, she ordered so many plates that we had so much to take-out! I'm excited for my lunch tomorrow!!! 😂

Thanks again auntie and Susie for planning this! ☺️

And lastly, happy birthday mom!!! Here are just a few things I love about you:

  • how you always look for the good in everyone
  • how you're optimistic about every situation
  • how you randomly send me Facebook stickers when I'm at school
  • how you always knock on my door after my alarm clock rings ('cause you know I like to press snooze twice) to make sure I'm not late for school
  • how you're always willing to give my friends free manis and pedis
  • how you go a little overboard with spending when I tell you that I'm addicted to a certain food item
  • how you always cater to my pescaterian diet
  • how you gave me your sminkles!