Last month, Daniel and I checked out a vegan restaurant called, Doomies! We're both not vegans, but we were intrigued by their version of the "Big Mac" after seeing it pop up everywhere on our social medias!

I think it was this video that made me really want to try their take on comfort food! We actually went to vegan fest during the summer and was hoping to try it then, but it was sucha big hit that it was sold out by the time we got there!

We couldn't believe that their "chicken fingers" and patties had no meat in them, because the texture tasted so real??? I haven't had a Big Mac in so long, so I can't even tell you which sandwich I think is better. All I can say is that this one was so saucy and filling!

I enjoyed it so much with Daniel that I had to show this place to my best friend, Thiya! Since she only eats halal meat, and I'm on a pescatarian diet, we generally gravitate towards vegetarian/vegan places when we're eating out to accommodate the both of us. I knew she would totally dig this place, since she loves burgers as much as I do! 😉  We split a "Big Mac" and a "Philly cheesesteak" sandwich and she was in disbelief at how good they both were, and how this place doesn't serve salads! We didn't order any apps, because we wanted to order dessert. We ended up being so stuffed that we didn't have that either! LOL

I really do recommend this place to everyone, whether you're vegan or not! I feel like it really helps break the stereotype that vegans can only eat grass?! 😕  Also, the "Big Mac" is not written on their actual menu, but if you ask your server for it, they'll definitely know what you're talking about!

I seriously do love how my friends and boyfriend are so open to trying meatless places with me!!! ☺️