When Daniel and I first started dating, he was in his last year at McMaster. Whenever I visited him in Hamilton, we always talked about checking out the waterfalls for my next visit. For some reason though, I always forgot to bring the proper footwear to hike in! 😄

So last Friday, Daniel had to visit Hamilton because he had to take head shots for a couple of science students at McMaster. We figured that this would be the perfect chance for us to finally visit one of the waterfalls together!

After his photo session, he asked me if I wanted to visited the waterfalls first or eat lunch. Knowing me, I can get hangryyyy!! ☺️  We grabbed a quick bite at Pokeh - which is actually the first poke bar that opened in Canada! The people there were very generous, not just in how they treated us but with their portions too. Their pokeh bowl was definitely way better than the one we tried at the ex!

As we devoured our food, we planned out where we were gonna go. There's actually so many waterfalls in Hamilton. We decided to check out Dundas Peak because they had two waterfalls and a cool lookout area of the city!

When we arrived, we were a little disappointed at the first waterfall we saw because we didn't have access to other areas to view it better. The other waterfall was also closed off that day?!?! We moved along and made our way to the top of the mountain!

We saw on the map that there's actually several routes we could take. We decided to take the shortest route, which involved crossing over a train track and rock climbing this man-made path.

After getting five mosquitos bites and almost making our to the top, Daniel decided to pull the plug because it was getting too steep and he cared for my safety. I was sooo glad that he made that call because I didn't want to disappoint him for not pulling through. I also didn't want to die that day!!!

After all that work, we realized that the best route to take was the long one, which we were avoiding to take in the beginning!!! Ugh! 😂

Everyone along that path looked so calm and some even dressed too nice to be hiking! Meanwhile, Daniel and I literally looked like we just fell down a mountain because our pants were so dusty and we were so sweaty. LOL 😂

It was seriously the best feeling when we finally saw the path that led us to the lookout!!! It was definitely worth all that hassle we went through!

Daniel and I couldn't help but laugh at the boyfriend taking the Instagram photo for his girlfriend, because it reminded us of US!! HAHA!

I'm actually glad that we came around this time of the year, because the changing colours in the foliage made it for a great view! I'm sure it'll get even prettier by the end of this month.

Thank you for always taking me on these fun adventures Daniel!!! 💖

Renee Alexis said...

Your photos are so nice, I love it!

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks Renee!! ☺️