Ahhhh!! I can't believe I didn't blog at all this month! Once I finished studying for my finals, I just had no desire of touching my laptop for the next few days. I also got hit with food poisoning, so my hiatus was a little prolonged... But long story short, YOOO GURL IZZ BACK!! ✨ Hopefully, I can squeeze in a few more blog posts before the new year begins!

This year, the annual Christmas dinner was held at my aunt and uncle's place! My cousin, Jenny, started a group chat on Whatsapp for us to discuss who brings what on the day of the party. We've decided that it would be more fun if each person wore a festive Christmas sweater, brought a unisex gift for the "White Elephant" game and made a dish for the potluck!

I was so tempted to just buy this Christmas sweater online, but I was afraid it wouldn't arrive on time. Since I'm sucha procrastinator, I've decided to make my own using Dollarama supplies the night before! Big thanks to my boyfriend for driving me around town and helping me scope out these materials. ☺️

For my sweater, I glued on Christmas lights, sewed on a plush toy, attached a cow bell, sprinkled some fake snow, and wrote a punny line in gemstone stickers. I got a lot of mixed reviews on the day of the party! 😂  The comments ranged from, "That's so ugly and looks very homemade" to "Omg! It looks so good, I want to make mine next year too!!!"

Here's a few photos of other Christmas sweaters worn at the partay!

I thought I was being super original with my glued on Christmas lights, until I saw that a lot of my cousins had the same idea! Dammit. 😂

The potluck dinner was a huuuge success!!! My sister brought three dishes because she was afraid there wouldn't be enough food. We ended up having so much leftovers and decided that next year, each family should just bring one dish!

Once we inhaled all of that food in, we brought out my Oreo truffles and all the presents for the White Elephant game!

We gathered around the Christmas tree (LOL) and pulled out numbers from a bag to determine the order.

If you haven't played before (like most of us!), you basically choose and unwrap a gift from the pile OR "steal" a gift from someone who has opened one. The best number to get is the last one because almost all the gifts are revealed by then! Unfortunately, my sister got the first number...

The hilarity ensued when people started opening gifts they already had...

...and getting gifts they want stolen from them! My cousin, Nancy, got her gift stolen twice! 😂

The virtual reality head set was definitely the most desired gift that night!

I'm so sneaky and chose my own gift that I brought for the game!! Woo hoo!!! 😂  The other gifts that were opened, and not pictured, was a La Senza gift card, S'well bottle, candle, travel mugs, David's tea set, Starbucks mug, steamer, electrical toothbrush, gift card to the Keg, fondue set, radio and iPhone lens kit!

Once everyone received their gifts, we decided to make things more interesting by having everyone choose a new number to determine their order! This time around, gifts were able to be stolen twice before it became off limits!

My brother-in-law and cousin, Lisa, kept swapping the VR set, before Ryan finally got to own it. I kept swapping my S'well bottle with Jenny, before I finally got to own it!! ☺️

My sister and cousin, Linda, swapped the fondue set, until Linda was finally stuck with it! 😂  We've decided to not share the names of who got what to avoid offending anybody.

After the gift exchange, we gathered around and played games on my phone! I've recently downloaded the free app, "Unspeakable," similar to Taboo, and it was sucha big hit at the party! We also got a kick outta the free holiday pack in "Heads Up."

At one point in the game, the screen showed "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth," and Jenny pulled Eli aside to use as a clue. DEADDD. 😂

Oh how can I forget!!! We also got a cute group photo after six tries! I hope you're having a great holiday with your loved ones and DON'T FORGET TO ALWAYS...

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