Last Friday night, I hung out with Joycelyn, Camille and Thiya to celebrate Joycelyn's birthdayyy!!! Her birthday is actually next week, but she will be busy tanning in Punta Cana by then! So lucky like!!! I still have five more months until it's my turn! 😪

The four of us had dinner at Lbs.! When I first suggested this restaurant in the group chat, they were a little confused as to what I was referring to. They eventually caught on and realized it was pronounced "pounds." I just found out that lbs. is also an abbreviation for lobster, burgers and salad... nowww it all makes sense why their menu was so limited! 😂

We all had a great experience at this place, and I can see myself going back there again for some lobster corn donuts! Once we stuffed our bellies with lobster, we made our way to Sweet Jesus to let Camille and Thiya see what the hype was all about.

Our night ended with us taking a bunch of pictures in front of the theatres on King Street. I was actually surprised at how much work we all put in to get these shots...  We were squatting low and leaning backwards. We even went the extra step and held our iPhone flashlights in the air to get more brightness! 😂

I think it was all worth it though, because I finally have an Instagram photo to upload!!! Daniel still can't stop making fun of me for not having enough photos to do a "best nine" collage for 2016. 😢