So three years ago, my friend Claudia found a Groupon for afternoon tea at Ruelo Patisserie! She immediately told me about it because she knows how obsessed I am with macarons!!! 💘  We visited the cafe the following week and were really bummed to find out that they were still under renovations..

We completely forgot about this deal, until I logged onto my account a few weeks ago! I saw that it had expired, but was super ecstatic to find out that the Groupon was still worth the value we paid for. In other words, we basically had credit to use towards the cafe. ☺️

Claudia and I finally got around to making reservations for last Saturday! We spent hours catching up and devouring the sweet pastries. To be quite honest, I think I can do without scones for a... while... 😂  We both wished they gave us more macarons than scones!

What I love about hanging with Claudia is how non-judgemental she is when it comes to me taking photos. Better yet, she even joins in on the fun and helps me with my flat lay! 😂💕 I'm so glad that we finally got around to redeeming our coupon three years later - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

But actually, this place was such a mission to get to! 😄 ✨