It's almost 3am right now and I should probably be asleep, especially since I have an early shift tomorrow. But.. I unintentionally took a two hour nap this evening. 😢 Daniel came over and told me that he wasn't feeling so well. We had some spaghetti, he popped a Tylenol and I tucked him into bed. I ended up dozing off with him after I played chubby bunny with my blueberries. Now I'm up and feeling super motivated to blog!! 😄

Last weekend, I had brunch at Wish with my friend, Madelle!!! I literally haven't seen her since second year, because she took a year off and went on vacation last year. (You might remember her from this post or this post!) I don't think I've ever shared the story of how we met! We met during frosh week. That's basically the story ..or all I can really remember. 😂  I can't recall what our first conversation was about or how we even started talking.

After not seeing each other for months, our friendship hasn't changed one bit! We easily picked up from where we left off and talked non-stop. Now that I think of it.. it took us two hours to finish half of our meal. 😄

We also found out that we have a class together this semester and talked about all the adventures we will go on after our lecture! I have a feelin' it's gonna be a gooooOod year!!! 😎
Jessica said...

These pictures are beautiful! Amazing post x

Jessica — NinetyCo 

Jenny said...

You're so pretty!! Lovely photos and the food looks delicious!! All the best for 2017 xx

Jenny | Krystel Couture

Cindy Adores said...

Ahh! Thank you for the sweet comment and for checking out my blog, Jessica! Hope you have an awesome new year!

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks Jenny! I should've mentioned that these are photos of my friend, Madelle! I'm really camera shy. Hehe :) I hope you have an amazing year! x